Robert W. McCluskie

Robert W. McCluskie is an american luthier known for his precise and consistent craftsmanship. During his career, he has crafted over 350 violins and violas. Many of his instruments are chosen by professional musicians for their responsive qualities, dynamic range, and top quality tone.

At a very early age, he began training as a violinist, later studying with Samuel Applebaum. After several years as a musician he began to pursue formal training as a luthier from the North Bennett Street School in Boston, Massachusetts. There, he studied with accomplished violin maker Raymond Melanson whose instruments are also featured at Brobst Violin Shop.

McCluskie currently crafts new violins and violas along with replicas of older instruments at his workshop in Montgomery County, Maryland. He uses European and American wood to produce instruments that are both rich in tone and aesthetically attractive. His work has been praised as “wonderful… in the finest tradition of the craft,” and “unerringly consistent”. He also continues as a passionate musician – He plays Appalachian String Band music and old time music with his wife, Carolee.