Rainer Leonhardt

Rainer Leonhardt was born in Mittenwald in 1963, to a family of violin makers dating back to the early 20th century. He studied at the technical school for violin making in Mittenwald and recieved his diploma in 1982. Leonhardt then spent years studying with various practiced violin makers. In 1990, he recieved a master’s degree from the Munich Chamber of Crafts.

In his workshop, Leonhardt melds the centuries-old tradition of Mittenwald violin making with modern practice and technique. Each instrument is built and varnished precisely by hand. He models all of his instruments old Italian and German violins. Leonhardt sources naturally dried spruce and maple tonewoods from forests in Germany, Bosnia, Austria and Italy. He has recieved many awards for his excellent work, including from the French Violin Maker Association and Bavarian Chamber of Crafts. He won the award for best European participant in the European Association of Violin and Bow Makers competition in 1997.