Paesold Workshop

Roderich Paesold was born in 1891 in the Bohemian “Musikwinkel“ close to the district capital of Eger, Hungary. In 1848, Roderich‘s grandfather, Johann Carl Paesold, established a workshop for producing musical instruments. By 1900, it had become a very successful trading company under the name “Flügelnell”. Roderich learned the basics of instrument production in this workshop, and in 1919 he founded his own company which specialized in bowmaking.

After WWII, Paesold moved to Bubenreuth and in 1950 he re-established his family’s business. Today, Paesold is located in Baiersdorf, Germany. The company sells their instruments internationally, still using the centuries old techniques and business savvy of the Paesold family.