Nicola Utili

Nicola Utili was born in 1888 in Castel Bolognese, Italy. He was a guitar player and began his career as a self-taught luthier, making guitars and mandolins. He built his first guitar from the wood of a wardrobe from his home! Utili became interested in studying the acoustics and sound patterns of violins, which led to his career in violin-making. As a result of his research on tonality and resonance in stringed instruments, he eventually developed a new model by turning the corners on the bout of a classic violin or cello inward. He carried out an extraordinary level of experimentation throughout his career that he later documented in his book “Liuteria Tecnofisicacustica”.

Over his lifetime, Utili is known to have made approximately 300 instruments over 50 years, in both traditional and original models. He participated in many international exhibitions and competitions, and was awarded prizes for his astounding technical ability. Many composers and musicians acclaimed his work, including composers Riccardo Zandonai and Francesco Balilla Pratella.

Utili’s instruments are praised for their powerful sound and unique personality. Most of his instruments are characterized by a low arch and high quality oil varnish.