Natale Carletti

Natale Carletti was born in Pieve di Cento in 1904. In 1918, he started learning violin making from his father, Carlo. He studied cello performance at the Bologna Conservatory, but maintained his skills as a luthier and continued to work in his family’s workshop. In 1927, together with his brother Orfeo, he took over the Bolognese workshop his father had established. Carletti moved back to Pieve di Cento in 1941 to manage his family’s orignial workshop.

Carletti made most of his instruments using old Cremonese techniques passed down through his family. He modeled many instruments after the “San Lorenzo” Stradivari violin. During his lifetime, he made over 200 violins, 200 cellos, and 20 basses. In 1949, he won a gold medal in Cremona for a double bass. He also won a silver medal in Cremona in 1949, a gold medal in Ascoli Piceno in 1959, and a gold medal in Bagnacavallo in 1972.