Milena Noventa

Milena Noventa

I was born in Brescia, Italy, in 1982.

I started my lifelong dedication to instruments in 2008 when I enrolled in the International violinmaking school of Parma. Under the guidance of master Renato Scrollavezza I had the

opportunity to encounter the beauty of the contemporary instrument.

In 2011, having completed my studies, I started an apprenticeship in the Elisa Scrollavezza and Andrea Zanrè workshop’s where I remained as an assistant for the next four years. Here I came into contact with numerous valuable instruments and dedicated myself to construction guided by the passion of Elisa and Andrea.

I refined my skills by attending master classes by Hans Nebel, Filippo Fasser and Lorenzo

Frignani and I approached the restoration with courses held by Sharon Que.

In 2018 I opened my first workshop in Reggio Emilia and in 2020 I moved to Parma, where the collaboration with the atelier Scrollavezza and Zanrè continues, creating a shared working space.