Maurizio Bissolotti

Bissolotti was born in Castelleone, Italy on November 25, 1956 and soon found interest in his father’s violin workshop. There, he performed small roughing out and carving jobs which encouraged him to enroll in the International Violin Making School in Cremona in 1971. While at the school, Bissolotti continued to perfect his techniques at his father’s workshop. During a trip to the United States in 1973, he visted Adolph Primavera’s workshop in Philadelphia and was able to improve his ability to recognize older instruments. After graduating in 1975, Bissolotti stayed at his father’s workshop to increase his knowledge and skills. In 1983, he moved to Salzburg, Austria to work for Winrich Sturies and dedicated himself to setting up and restoring instruments for a year. Now working independently, Bissolotti follows his father’s patterns for Cremonese, Brescian and Milanese models. After the traditions of his father, he also uses the same varnishes and does not participate in competitions or exhibitions. His direct and frank mannerisms drive him to craft very precise instruments, and he consistently devotes all of his efforts to make the best quality violins, violas, cellos, and basses.