Karel Josef Dvorak

Karel Dvorak was born on May 19, 1887 in Prague. He became a pupil of his father, Jaroslav Antonín Dvorak and his uncle, Karel Boromäus Dvorak. Dvorak worked with many people in many places over his career, inlcuding Eduard Heidegger in Linz, Antonín Pilar in Berlin, Georg Raur in Vienna, and Eugen Gärtner in Stuttgart.

Dvorak often modeled his instruments on the work of Stradivari, Guarneri del Gesú, and Nicolas Lupot. He conducted extensive research on aesthetic and tonal techniques of violin making, and so his instruments reflected his widespread knowledge in their precision and quality. Dvorak often used purfling with a broad white inlay and very thick black lines. His instruments have broad rounded edges and sharply cut scrolls lined with black, similar to the work of his uncle. His instruments have been highly praised in Czechoslovakia. Dvorak passed away on August 31, 1947, and though he was the last violin maker in the family, he was often considered to be the best.