Joseph Arthur Vigneron

Joseph Arthur Vigneron was born in Mirecourt in 1851. He apprenticed as a bowmaker under his stepfather, Charles Claude Nicolas Husson, where he worked alongside Joseph Alfred Lamy and his stepbrother, Charles Claude Husson. In 1872, Vigneron started to work at the workshop of Jean Joseph Martin. There he strengthened his skills as a bow maker significantly. After eight years with Martin, he left Paris to work for Gand & Bernardel. In 1888 he opened his own workshop, where he worked until his death.

Vigneron took great influence from the Mirecourt school and his time with Jean Joseph Martin. He was able to develop his own model of bow, which has a lower center of gravity and a strong build. His work tends to focus more on functionality than aesthetic, the result being a playable, performance-oriented bow.