Bénédicte Friedmann

I was born in Reims in France in 1974. Since childhood I have felt a great interest in music. My mother is a musician: she plays the piano and sings and it is certainly she who transmits to me the love and curiosity for notes. At an early age I attended the Conservatory for the study of the violin and viola and then continued my studies by enrolling in the Faculty of Musicology, convinced that a solid cultural basis is fundamental in life.

In 1997 I graduated in violin and in 1999 in viola; in the meantime she continued her studies at the Sorbonne in Paris. My thesis in musicology deals with: “The Quintone and the Pardessus de violas with five strings” – supervisor Professor Nicolas Meuss.

During my years of study at the Sorbonne I frequent many luthiers. The scent of resins, the contact with wood, the curiosity to know how a violin is made, gives birth to a passion for violin making.

In 1999 I moved to Cremona to start my new life path with the International School of Lutherie under the guidance of Maestro Giorgio Scolari.

In 2002 I received the Ferraroni Prize as the best graduate student – “Lutherie Technician” and the prize for the best thesis.

After completing my studies, I frequent the workshop of Maestro Eros Barcellari to deepen the study of the stylistic technique and the acoustic aspect. With Maestro Stefano Konya “The Younger” I study the art of painting and fine-tuning the instruments.

In 2007 I opened my workshop in the historic center of Cremona, to devote myself to the construction of violins, violas and cellos. Today my instruments are inspired by the Cremonese school – Stradivari, Guarneri del Gesù – but also by more recent authors such as Ornati. Over the years I have participated in many national and international competitions in Mittenwald, Paris, and in Cremona at the famous Triennale.

I am currently a member of the Antonio Stradivari Violin Makers Consortium and of the ALI (Italian Violin Makers Association).