Vincenzo Postiglione, Naples c. 1880

Renowned as one of the leading Italian violinmakers of the 19th and early 20th centuries, Postiglione’s work is one of great creativity and productivity. Highly-skilled as a maker of new instruments on the classic models, he was also a copyist of great ingenuity. This cello is a superb example of his work on a model of the Gagliano family in the antique style. It has large, open f-holes and a graceful outline that alternates from the slightly squarish shoulders at the top, to the long curves of the inner bouts, to the fully-rounded lower bouts. The arching is low to medium in height and extends out to the edges. The scroll is boldly and elegantly carved. The varnish is richly applied in a dark brownish-orange color over a golden ground. The corners are treated with an ornamental leaf motif. Postiglione’s intuitive nature, artistic craftsmanship and in-depth knowledge of the classic Italian instruments is on full display in this cello. The sound quality is robust, colorful and responsive, both intense and subtle. It is an instrument perfectly suited for solo or orchestral work.

Cello Demonstration

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