Maurizio Tadioli, Cremona 2011

Maurizio Tadioli was born in September 1967. He began studying the art of violinmaking as a child under the instruction of his grandfather, self-taught luthier Carlo Pizzamiglio. Tadioli also studied piano and organ, growing as a musician and as a maker. He attended the Cremona School of Violinmaking, obtaining his diploma in 1985 with the highest marks. Since then, Tadioli has become an internationally known instrument maker who has won numerous awards in recognition of his craftsmanship. This cello was specially commissioned from Maestro Tadioli by Brobst Violin Shop. It is a copy of the cello by Dominico Montagnana 1735 “Ex Feuermann”. The label reads “Maurizio Tadioli fecit / subtitulo St. Matthaeus / Curtatano – Cremonae 2011”. The cello is branded “M. Tadioli-Cremona” above the label. Its varnish is a vivid orange-brown color. The top is made from two pieces of spruce with fine to broad width grain. The back is made from two pieces of maple with medium width flame. The cello has a broad, rich tone.