Jamie Marie Lazzara, Florence 1996

Built on a bold Guarneri model, this violin shows the maturity and artistic insight that has made Lazzara such a celebrated contemporary maker. From the handsome scroll to the strong design of the body, edges and f-holes, this instrument is remarkably similar in many ways to the some of the very best Italian makers of earlier periods. With a natural strength of design and workmanship, her work recalls the physicality of makers such as Storioni, Rocca, Postiglione and Scarampella, a characteristic that is abundantly evident in this instrument. The varnish is a beautiful color and texture, showing a degree and method of wear that is present in the finest instruments. The sound quality is rich, powerful and soloistic, with a focused core and excellent balance and projection. This violin has been owned by a professional player since it was made and has been heard in venues across the U.S. and Europe and in recordings as well.

Violin Demonstration

Inventory #: C557K