J.B. Vuillaume, by J.J. Martin, Mirecourt c. 1865-70, silver & ebony

This bow was made for J.B. Vuillaume by Jean-Joseph Martin. It performs with excellent spiccato and good action that is slightly softer, producing a rich tone.The stick is round and has a length of 71.9 cm. It is of a very dark red-brown pernambuco of excellent quality. The frog is of ebony and silver, has the Vuillaume type seating to the stick and has a mother-of-pearl eye in each side. The button is in three-piece form, the outer ring capped and its collar has a single cut. Includes a certificate by Paul Childs, Montrose, NY, 27 November 2009.


Bow Demonstration

Inventory #: 127/33

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