J.B. Vuillaume, Paris 1823

A fine early example of Vuillaume’s work. It is labeled “J.B. Vuillaume No. 4 / Chez N.A. Lete rue Pavee-Saint-Sauveur No. 20 / a Paris 1823”. The back is from a single piece of maple with handsome figure which descends toward the right flank. The sides are from matching maple as well as are the neck and scroll. The front is from two pieces of spruce of medium fine grain at the center, broad on the treble side and somewhat fine on the bass side. The scroll is original, varnish original and is a rich red-brown color. Body length is 14-1/8 inches. This instrument is to be sold with the photo certificate of Rudolph Wurlitzer, New York 1946, which bears the signature of Rembert Wurlitzer.