Giuseppe Renaldi

Our Giuseppe Renaldi “Vintage” violin, viola, cello and bass are affordable handmade instruments for the advancing player. These instruments are beautifully handmade in the Italian tradition using well-seasoned spruce and maple. Each instrument is individually hand-varnished with a soft, lustrous oil varnish, using a technique designed to give the perception of age.

At first glance, the charm of this “vintage” look immediately draws customers to inquire as to the tone. Players find the tone to be rich, colorful and consistent throughout the entire range. These instruments have excellent projection, yet blend well in chamber music settings.

The cellos are made according to both the Stradivari and Montagnana patterns, the latter having a broad outline and flatter arching, enhancing depth and volume. Each model offers a slightly varied tone quality, giving each customer an even greater selection! The price shown, includes a top quality German-made Brazilwood bow and an attactive and sturdy fiberglass hard case with wheels.