Giuseppe Ornati, Milan 1927

Ornati, Giuseppe; 1887-1965, Milano. Beginning his career as a “luitiao” making plucked instruments, i.e., mandolins and guitars, he made his first violin at age 13 and apprenticed to Luigi Montanari and Leandro Bisiach, Sr.. He was, in fact, regarded by Bisiach as a “prized student.” This violin, in the style of Joseph Rocca, was made in 1927, when he was a well established maker in his own right. He was highly regarded by his peers, having been awarded a number of gold medals and first prizes in regional and national competitions. The body length is 354mm (14”), measured over the back. Made of one-piece maple with medium width and depth flaming, the ribs are of a matching wood; the top is book-matched medium to wide grain spruce. The neck and scroll are of nicely flamed maple that has a closer curl than the back and ribs. Overall the violin is in excellent condition, having varnish of a golden brown color that shows very little sign of touch-up or repair. It has power to project, with a fresh, focused tone.