Francois Lupot II, Paris circa 1830, Silver & Ebony

A rare and important violin bow from the hands of one of the earliest master makers of the modern bow.  This bow is currently being offered for sale and is part of a collection of fine bows belonging to a professional musician.  The bow was also formerly the property of a concertmaster of one of this country’s leading ensembles.  Please note the compelling testimony of its current owner: “The Lupot has a kind of “spine” to it. It easily taps into the violin and finds the tone. The extraordinary thing is that the strength is balanced by subtle flexibilities so the tone can be sculpted as one wishes quite naturally. It is the exceptional balance of these two opposite qualities that creates an instrument that makes a unified experience of complementary opposites.  One can be an artist with the Lupot. Apart from this the extraordinary physical beauty of the bow is inspiring in and of itself. The flexibility and first rate balance of the bow helps in off the string bowings and subtle shading on the string.”


Inventory #: C669S1