Fabrizio Ragazzi, Sanremo 2009

Fabrizio Ragazzi is a professional violinist, violist, and maker who imparts his excellent sense of tone quality into each instrument he produces. Ragazzi’s work is inspired by famous Italian makers of Ferrara such as Ettore Soffritti and Anselmo Gotti. We are personally acquainted with Maestro Ragazzi and have been selling his instruments now for several years. We have been very pleased with both the tone and overall quality of each instrument. This beautiful cello by Ragazzi is no exception. It has a beautiful, rich, and expansive tone. Its varnish is a rich mahogany-red color. The top is made from two pieces of spruce with narrow to medium width flame. The back is made from a single piece of slab cut maple and has a unique pattern of broad, irregular flame. A pattern of bold, irregular flame is also present on the instrument’s sides. The cello is labeled “Fabrizio Ragazzi / Da Ferrara / Fece in Sanremo 2009”. It is branded with the maker’s seal on the upper left and bottom right corners of the label. The cello is also signed by the maker to the right of the label. Please see our Facebook page for more photos of this cello and of Maestro Ragazzi’s visit to Brobst Violin Shop.

Inventory #: 132/48