Eric Caldwell, Washington, DC 2012

Eric Caldwell, a contemporary American maker, was born in Kansas in 1976. His interest in violin making stems from his family history of woodworking and his personal interest in music. Caldwell studied with Karl Roy, the former director of the Bavarian State School for Violinmaking, and then decided to pursue a career as a luthier. Caldwell worked mainly as a repairer at different workshops around the United States before pursuing instrument making full time in his own workshop starting in 2009. This cello, #203 in Mr. Caldwell’s production, bears an orange-brown varnish that is shaded to an amber ground on both the back and top of the instrument. The top is made from two pieces of narrow grained spruce, and the back is made from two pieces of maple with narrow to medium width flame.  Stock #134/85.