E.M. Pöllmann, c. 1965-70, made by Günther Pöllmann

Here is a lovely 3/4 bass from one of the world’s most renowned bass makers.  This instrument is made with gamba corners and has a lovely orange amber varnish over a beautifully flamed maple back.  The sound this bass produces has a distinct clarity and warmth.   Its sound is quite direct and immediate in thumb position, for soloing clarity, yet does not compromise on the E strings projection.  Overall, it is extremely balanced and responsive to the touch and intent of the player.  It projects well and has a fine, punchy kind of pizzicato that is sought after by Jazz players.  Recently, this bass was loaned to the renowned bassist and recording artist Alex Blake for a performance in the Washington, DC area.  Please note his testimonial regarding this instrument.  “I would recommend this beautiful Pöllmann bass very highly.  This wonderful instrument sounds really incredible and feels just right”.   (photos are in preparation)

Inventory #: C686S