Alexander Williams, Tough, Aberdeenshire, c. 1870, the “ex-Karim Wasfi”

This very fine cello by the Scottish maker Alexander Williams, has been the treasured companion of world-renowned cellist, conductor, humanitarian and philathropist, Karim Wasfi for the better part of a decade. When his home country of Iraq descended into chaos following the precipitous withdrawal of U.S. troops and subsequent infiltration by ISIS and other terror groups, Wasfi’s mission to bring peace to the middle east through music and the arts truly became a matter of life and death. Performing at terror bombs sites just moments after the devastation, Wasfi put everything on the line to prove that hatred, death and destruction could not undermine the innate desire of people to live free and productive lives. His mission to restore the beauty of God’s creation in all its forms to a world seemingly besieged by terrorism and its aftermath, has taken him from bomb sites to concert stages, diplomatic and political arenas, as well as schools, homes and places of worship. This cello, with its haunting beauty and intensity of tone, has accompanied him throughout his many daunting and dangerous journeys. It is truly an instrument that is well-suited and proven for performance in all settings and styles.

Inventory #: C513W

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