Small Violins

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ViolinLorenzo Storioni, Cremona 1784

This is an exceptional example of this great maker’s work. It is known as the “Ex-Curtis Institute”. Certificates by W.E. Hill & Sons, London and William Moennig & Son, Philadelphia.

ViolinCarlo Tononi, “ex-Butterworth,” Venice 1735

This is a very fine concert instrument with slightly smaller dimensions. Even though the body length is just 352 mm, the tone is still large and powerful. The instrument is…

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ViolinCarlo Ravizza, Milan 1929 (7/8 size, 33.9 cm.)
ViolinAnton Knilling, Mittenwald 1768 (7/8 size)

This fine violin, made over 250 years ago, is in very good condition. It has a fine, full and rich tone with warmth and sweetness. An excellent violin for the…

ViolinPaul Bailly, Paris c. 1880 (1/2 Size)
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ViolinRobert Stanley, Manchester 1897 (7/8 size)
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ViolinCharles Louis Buthod for the firm “Husson-Buthod-Thibouville,” Mirecourt circa 1850 (7/8 size, 34.7 cm.)
ViolinE. Langonet, Nantes 1940, 3/4 Size

Labeled “Fait par / E. Langonet / Luthier-Nantes-L’An 1940″. Length of body is 13-5/16”.

ViolinCollin-Mezin Workshop, Mirecourt c. 1890 (7/8 Size)
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ViolinCharles Claudot I, Mirecourt c. 1820 (1/2 size)
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ViolinFrancois Breton workshop “F. Breton breveté,” Mirecourt c. 1830 (1/2 size)
ViolinJérôme Thibouville-Lamy Workshop, “Nicolas Duchene” model, Mirecourt c. 1880 (3/4 size)

A stunning beauty and an example of the highest level of quality workmanship from one of the leading French workshops of the period, this violin will delight the advancing player…

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