Small Violins, Violas, Cellos & Bows

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New Arrival
CelloHristo Todorov, Cremona 2020, Guadagnini 7/8 model
ViolaEduard Francais, Lille c. 1820 (15.4″)
ViolaEnglish, labeled Storioni, c. 1790 (15.3″)

Labeled “Laurentius Storioni fecit. / Cremonae anno 1790”, this viola possesses a broad, well focused and colorful tone.

ViolaRobert M. Childs, Boston 1993 (15.75″)

Beautifully made using the finest materials available, violin maker Robert Childs has created a masterpiece in tone production.

ViolinAnton Knilling, Mittenwald 1768 (7/8 size)

This fine violin, made over 250 years ago, is in very good condition. It has a fine, full and rich tone with warmth and sweetness. An excellent violin for the…

New Arrival
ViolaPawel Migiel, Zakopane 2020 (15 9/16″, 40.2 cm)
ViolinPaul Bailly, Paris c. 1880 (1/2 Size)
ViolinJules Grandjon, Mirecourt c. 1880 (3/4 Size)
CelloThomas Hoyer Werkstatt, Bubenreuth 2018 (7/8 size)
ViolaFabrizio Ragazzi, Sanremo 2006 (15.75″)

From the hands of a maker who also happens to be a professional musician, its tone is both sonorous and clear.

CelloYanbing Chen Workshop, Gofriller Model, 2013 (7/8 Size)
ViolaButhod workshop, Mirecourt c. 1880 (15.75″)
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