Annibale Fagnola, Turin 1929

A fine example of this maker’s work as pictured and described in the book “Liuteria Piemontese – Annable Fagnola” by Accornero, Epicoco, and Guerci. The text reads as follows: “This instrument was commissioned by a Turinese collector. The superb workmanship of this example shows many impressive points: the care in the sculptural execution, the harmony of the proportions and archings, as well as the quality of the wood and varnish. Notwithstanding its density, the beautiful orange-brown varnish on a yellow ground still retains its luminous and transparent qualities. The aesthetic qualities are balanced by the acoustic characteristics: the warm sonority, balanced and at the same time powerful, make this an instrument frequently requested for concerts.” Labeled “Hannibal Fagnola fecit / Taurini anno Domini 1929”.