Annibale Fagnola, Turin 1929

Hannibal (Annibale) Fagnola, Turin, 1929, violin on the model of G. B Guadagnini. This beautifully preserved instrument has a transparent, warm, golden varnish that hides no flaws in the making, or in its condition. The first impression is that this is the product of a master at the height of his creative powers. The wood chosen for this violin is of the highest quality: the one-piece maple of the back exhibits rolling waves that catch the eye; the even, medium-grained, spruce of the top holds promise of great tone production; the tightly flamed maple of the neck and scroll continues the broader theme of the body in compact form. The whole is bound by the finely executed purfling and the black outline of the chamfer of the scroll into one exceptional construction. The edgework is full and strongly sculpted, as is the scroll. This masterwork produces a big, rich, intriguing sound.