Romeo Antoniazzi, Milan c. 1885

This cello is a very fine example of Romeo’s early work while under the guidance of his father Gaetano in his Milan workshop. The instrument bears its original label and is that of his father, dated 1885. Everything to produce a sound of great power and quality has been considered by the maker in this instrument. The tone is colorful, sweet and pure with a robust, responsive low end and smooth, round and focused upper register. The very rare, single piece of slab-cut maple for the back maximizes strength and flexibility. Similarly, the two-piece top that ranges from a narrow width in the center, to a broad width at the edges, also exhibits these qualities. The body design is of ample breadth while maintaining a comfortable upper bout width. The arching is low and rises gently toward the center, allowing the wood to vibrate freely. The varnish is a golden-brown color and softly textured. The scroll is impressive in its bold pattern and deeply carved turns. In this early example it is easy to see how Antoniazzi went on to be such a highly-regarded and sought-after maker among players as well as one so influential to other luthiers. This cello was the primary instrument of a professional player and teacher since the 1960’s until recently.

Included is a certificate by Dimitry Gindin from 10 December 2016.

Inventory #: C431O