J.B. Vuillaume, Paris c. 1855

Sophisticated and truly beautiful both visually and tonally, this example by the great French maker shows his profound understanding of the Stradivari model. The striking one-piece back with flames that undulate and spread upward toward the right has a pleasing effect that displays a gentleness and degree of freedom indicative of his earlier work. The single piece of spruce for the top has a wide, open grain on the bass side and narrows to a fine grain on the treble side. The select choice of wood combined with a sleek arching of the back, a full, medium arch of the top and well-placed and open f-holes, gives the instrument a warm, rich and colorful tone that is also sweet and brilliant. The scroll is confident and elegant and the varnish is a stunning light brownish-orange. All the characteristics are present that remind us of a Stradivari and make this a classic Vuillaume.

Inventory #: 127/70