Ansaldo Poggi, Bologna 1929

A very fine example of this celebrated maker’s early period, this violin exemplifies the resurgence of the classic Italian school of violin-making. Under the guidance of his master Giuseppe Fiorini, Poggi was able to develop a very mature, artistic eye and ear. His attention to detail is evident in this instrument from wood choice, design and workmanship, varnish quality, color and application, to a very keen understanding of the elements necessary for the finest tone quality. Consequently, this violin will meet the needs of the most demanding solo or orchestral player. It is rich and robust on the lower end, with a smooth, sweet and colorful transition to the highs with excellent clarity, balance and projection.

This violin was owned until the early 1970’s by a professional player who concertized throughout the U.S. and Europe and made numerous recordings on both classical music labels and movie soundtracks. It was subsequently sold to another player whose career began and blossomed with this instrument, concertizing in the U.S. and Europe as well as recording on classical labels and on many Hollywood movie soundtracks to include most of the biggest hits of the late 20th century and early 21st. For its pure beauty, both tonally and visually, it has been a prized possession to say the least.

Includes a certificate by Hans Weisshaar, 18 September 1967.

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