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ViolinJ.B. Guadagnini, Turin c. 1776

A very fine example from his Turin period, this violin has all the tonal characteristics that have made the instruments of J.B. Guadagnini so highly prized and sought after by…

ViolinLorenzo Storioni, Cremona 1784

This is an exceptional example of this great maker’s work. It is known as the “Ex-Curtis Institute”. Certificates by W.E. Hill & Sons, London and William Moennig & Son, Philadelphia.

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ViolinAndrea Guarneri, Cremona circa 1680

A fine and typical example of the master’s large pattern, this violin is a perfect blend of visual and tonal artistry. The wood of the front is of varied open-grain…

ViolinGiovanni Francesco Pressenda, Turin 1835

Labeled “Joannes Franciscus Pressenda q. Raphael fecit Taurini anno Domini 1835”. Includes a certificate by Kenneth Warren & Son, 6 November 2001, and a photo copy of a certificate by…

ViolinFrancesco Gobetti, Venice c. 1717

Includes a certificate by John & Arthur Beare.

ViolinGiuseppe Rocca, Turin 1863

This violin is based on the “Alard” Guarneri and is varnished in the antique style. The instrument has a very rich and powerful tone and is in excellent condition. Featured…

ViolinCarlo Tononi, “ex-Butterworth,” Venice 1735

This is a very fine concert instrument with slightly smaller dimensions. Even though the body length is just 352 mm, the tone is still large and powerful. The instrument is…

ViolinJ.B. Vuillaume, Paris c. 1845-50

This is a magnificent example of this great maker’s work, dating from his golden period. It is the highly sought after Guarneri del Gesu model and is in very fine…

ViolinAlessandro Gagliano, “ex-Albert Cooper,” Naples c.1720

Featured on pages 82-87 in Volume 1 of The Cooper Collection by Albert W. Cooper. (the later scroll by another hand).

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ViolinGiuseppe Gagliano, Naples 1781
ViolinJ.B. Vuillaume, Paris c. 1855

Sophisticated and truly beautiful both visually and tonally, this example by the great French maker shows his profound understanding of the Stradivari model. The striking one-piece back with flames that…

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ViolinJoseph & Antonio Gagliano, Naples circa 1790
New Arrival
ViolinStefano Scarampella, Mantua 1916

This is a very fine example of the maker’s best model. It is designed as a fusion of del Gesu and Balestrieri patterns. This violin features a full bodied, rich…

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ViolinStefano Scarampella, Mantua 1900

A very fine example from this highly sought after maker, this instrument was made on a model that clearly shows his Mantuan influences. The player is immediately connected to the…

ViolinGiovanni Battista Gabrielli, Florence 1747

This fine violin was the longtime possession of Erich Koch. Koch left Germany as a teenager and studied at Cambridge University before being sent to a work camp in Canada…

ViolinJacob Stainer, Absam c. 1655

This fine and rare violin is to be sold with the photo certificate of Dario D’Attili, June 1989. The instrument is in excellent condition and possesses a strong, well focused and…

ViolinLorenzo Ventapane, Naples c. 1800

This violin is a beautiful Guarneri inspired model with a dark orange brown varnish. The back is made from one piece of quarter cut maple with light artificial flame. The…

ViolinCarlo Giuseppe Oddone, Turin 1922

This violin, a Guarneri model, is an excellent example of Oddone’s work. The scroll is cut in the distinctive style of Oddone and the chamfer is outlined in black, a…

ViolinVincenzo Postiglione, Naples 1902

A fine Italian violin by Vincenzo Postiglione, Naples 1902, labeled “Vincentius Postiglione / N 278 / me fecit Neap. 1902”. Sold with the certificate of Kenneth Warren & Son, Ltd.,…

ViolinTomasso Eberle, Naples c. 1780

Labeled “Nicolaus Gagliano Filius / Alexandri fecit Neap. 1730”. This is a fine and characteristic example of Neapolitan violin making from the late 18th century. The tone quality is notable…

ViolinGaetano Antoniazzi, Milan 1895

The highly flamed, one piece maple back is covered in a beautiful translucent red-brown varnish over a gold ground. The player is immediately drawn to its fine, sweet tone. The…

ViolinRomeo Antoniazzi, Milan 1912

A very fine example, this violin is based on a Guarneri pattern and shows Romeo’s inspired style of making. The work is confident and mature with graceful f-holes, well-rounded and…

ViolinMichele & Pietro Melegari, Turin 1871

The violin’s varnish is a dark red color shaded to an amber ground in several places. The top is made from two pieces of medium grained spruce with interesting texturing…

ViolinVincenzo Sannino, Naples 1910

Vincent Sannino was born in Naples in 1879, and moved to Rome in 1914. He established himself as one of the most successful makers of the period. He worked freely…

ViolinEnrico Marchetti, Turin 1902

This violin is simply the finest example by this maker that we have seen. Every element, the choice of model, wood selection, quality and color of varnish, and overall design…

ViolinRaffaele Desideri, Ascoli Piceno c. 1850
ViolinEvasio Emilio Guerra, Turin 1930

Labeled “Evasio Emilio Guerra / fece in Torino anno 1930”. A fine example of the high artistry and craftsmanship of the Turin school from the early 20th century. The player…

ViolinGiorgio Gatti, Turin 1929

This violin is an example of Gatti’s typical Pressenda inspired model with personal touches. Gatti’s workmanship lacks attention to aesthetic detail, but his choice of materials creates superb sound quality….

ViolinGiuseppe Tarasconi, Milan c. 1900

This instrument, in the style of Guarneri del Gesu, is one of his finest productions. It is in excellent condition. The varnish is ample and lustrous; it is in his…

ViolinEnrico Marchetti, Turin 1923

This violin is a fine example of the work of Turin maker Enrico Marchetti. It is in excellent condition and covered with a full coat of rich reddish-brown varnish with…

ViolinRiccardo Genovese, Montiglio 1924

This superb violin by Riccardo Genovese has a captivating tone quality. The rich, full sound is both well focused and warm. It is truly an instrument most players will find…

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ViolinMichael Dötsch, Berlin c. 1920, Guadagnini copy

A very fine copy of a J.B. Guadagnini violin from the hands of a master German copyist. This violin was formerly the property of a professional musician.

New Arrival
ViolinGiovanni Pistucci, Naples c. 1940, copy of Ferdinand Gagliano
ViolinFrédéric Chaudière for Ruggiero Ricci, Montpellier 1997

This violin was commissioned for American violinist Ruggiero Ricci who played it along with 17 other contemporary violins for his album The Legacy of Cremona. A copy of this album is included…

ViolinErminio Farina, Milan 1913
ViolinErminio Farina, Milan 1909

This is a fine Milanese violin by Erminio Farina, the main assistant of Riccardo Antoniazzi. Farina was chosen by Antoniazzi to make the instruments for the Milan Exhibition of 1906….

ViolinGiuseppe Stefanini, Milan or Brescia c. 1950-1960

Includes a certificate by Dimitry Gindin, 2 February 2018.

ViolinPierre & Hippolyte Silvestre, Lyon 1845

To be sold with two certificates. The first by W.E. Hill & Sons, London, dated January 26th, 1927, and the second by L.P. Balmforth & Son, Leeds, September 25th, 1957.

ViolinLuigi Galimberti, Milan 1926
ViolinGiulio Degani, Venice 1903

The label reads “Degani Giulio di Eugenio / premiato con gran diploma / d’onore in Milano / e medaglia d’oro in Torino / Fece in Venezia Anno 1903”

ViolinSergio Peresson, Haddonfield 1981

Bursting with warmth and power, the tonal richness of this instrument is somewhat characteristic of what a player might expect from one of this maker’s late masterpieces.

ViolinOreste Candi, Genoa 1930

This violin is in Oreste Candi’s personal style. The varnish is a rich red-orange color. The top is made from two pieces of spruce with narrow width grain. The back…

New Arrival
ViolinSergio Peresson, Caracas 1955

Here is a fine example from the hands of the late Italo-American master, made during the period of his life when he was living and working in Venezuela. This violin…

ViolinVincenzo Cavani, Modena 1940

A fine, modern Italian violin from one of the preeminent makers of the 20th century.

ViolinNestor Audinot, Paris 1881
ViolinAmbrogio Sironi, Milan 1935

Elegant in design and workmanship, this instrument is a very fine example of this maker’s work.  It is rich and colorful in tone, with great depth in the lower strings…

ViolinGiuseppe Castagnino, Chiavari 1932

This beautiful violin has a rich, deep red varnish and a striking one piece maple back with medium width flame. The top is made from two pieces of fine to…

ViolinErnesto Pevere, Ferrara c. 1940-50
ViolinPierre Jean Henri Hel, Lille 1926
ViolinAlfredo Contino, Naples 1944

The tone of this fine violin is quite sweet while offering power and depth in the lower register and brilliance and clarity overall. 

ViolinPietro Gallinotti, Solero 1931
ViolinAzzo Rovescalli, Milan 1927

This fine Rovescalli violin has a vibrant golden-red varnish and is in great condition. The tone is clear and responsive without being overly bright and resonates with richness and color…

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ViolinMario Gadda, Mantua c. 1970
ViolinGenuzio Carletti, Bologna 1967

This violin, a collaboration between two makers both Italian born, was made by Genuzio Carletti and imported into the United States by Joseph Settin and thus labeled “G. Carlettinius” a…

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ViolinNicolas Vuillaume III, Mirecourt c. 1850 “Sainte Cécile”

The well flamed, one piece back is covered in a beautiful orange-amber varnish.

New Arrival
ViolinCaressa & Francais, Paris 1906
ViolinNicolas Vuillaume, Paris c. 1855

This violin is an excellent example of Nicolas Vuillaume’s craftsmanship. Its tone is robust and brilliant. The varnish is of a rich red-brown color shaded to golden ground. The back…

ViolinIgino Sderci, Florence 1950
ViolinGiovanni Schwarz, Venice 1913

Based on a personal Guarneri model, this violin is a player’s instrument in every regard. The wood choice for the top, an open-grained spruce, lends itself to the smooth, responsive…

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ViolinW.E. Hill & Sons, London 2019, Guarneri model

The Hill – Guarneri del Gesù Dark, earthy, grounded with a heroic human voice, full of grit and power. This instrument shows the elegance and sculptural freedom of the maker’s…

New Arrival
ViolinW.E. Hill & Sons, London 2019, Bergonzi model

The Hill – Bergonzi Refined, with a strong personality that has a unique, broad spectrum of colours. Marked by the best Cremonese makers, Bergonzi created his unique model, sought after…

ViolinNicola Utili, Castel Bolognese 1914

A Nicola Utili violin possessing a finely focused tone with balance and projection. The instrument is in excellent condition as shown in the photos.

ViolinEmile Germain, Paris 1867

This beautiful violin by Germain, a Guarneri model, has a rich and powerful tone. The top is made of open grained spruce. The instrument is elegantly varnished in a style…

ViolinLuciano Sderci, Florence 1960

This is a mint condition example of Sderci’s work. It is labeled “Luciano Sderci di Igino / Fece in Firenze Anno 1960”.

New Arrival
ViolinHoward Needham, Silver Spring 2016

A beautiful, orange-amber varnish covers the well flamed, two piece maple back. This instrument possesses a fine, robust tone. A finely crafted work of art and tonal beauty from the…

New Arrival
ViolinArmando Piccagliani, Modena 1922
ViolinJamie Marie Lazzara, Florence 1996

Built on a bold Guarneri model, this violin shows the maturity and artistic insight that has made Lazzara such a celebrated contemporary maker. From the handsome scroll to the strong…

ViolinPaolo Vettori, Florence 2018, Nicolo Gagliano Model
New Arrival
ViolinAristide Cavalli workshop, “Gio. Maria Ceruti” Officina Claudio Monteverde, Cremona 1923
ViolinGiuseppe Pellacani, Modena c. 1940

This violin is inspired by the style of Giuseppe Ceruti, a “transitional” maker who worked between the classic and modern eras of Cremonese violin making. As visible in the accompanying…

ViolinBottali-Roth-Pelitti, Milan 1919
ViolinPaolo Vettori, F. Rugieri Model, Florence 2018
ViolinAlfredo Gianotti, Milan 1962

This fine example of Gianotti’s work bears the maker’s label on the neck block in addition to the identical label in its normal position. The sound is focused, bright, and…

ViolinBottali-Roth-Pelitti, Milan c. 1900

An excellent modern Italian violin. Fine tone and mint condition.

ViolinPaolo Vettori, Florence 2016 Camilli Model
ViolinMaurizio Tadioli, Cortetano-Cremona 2019, copy of Andrea Amati “Ex-Kurtz” c. 1560
ViolinDante Guastalla, Reggiolo Emiliano 1931

This violin has a rich red-brown varnish shaded to the golden ground. Guastalla’s varnishing technique reflects his mentor’s influence: the intense color and high quality and texture of the varnish…

ViolinRiccardo Bergonzi, Cremona 2008 “Caravaggio”
ViolinRiccardo Bergonzi, Cremona 1991

Branded with the maker’s initials inside on the neck block, below the right f-hole, and over the label. Includes the maker’s certificate. This violin is in very fine condition, showing…

ViolinStefano Conia, Cremona 1981

Included is an official maker’s certificate by Conia.  

ViolinMaurice Mermillot, Paris 1897

Maurice Mermillot died in Mirecourt in 1901; this instrument is one of his last works. This Guadagnini model violin has an orange-brown varnish. It has a striking one piece maple…

ViolinSofia Vettori, Florence 2019, “Primula Gialla” J.B. Guadagnini model
ViolinDario Vettori, Florence 2018

Modeled after Peter Guarneri of Mantua.

ViolinArmando Di Lelio, Rome 1985

An artistically crafted violin of high quality and tonal beauty from the hands of an Italian master maker from the last century.

ViolinRomedio Muncher, Cremona 1925

This violin from Romedio Muncher has a dark chestnut-red varnish and a bright and powerful tone.

ViolinRichard Duke II, London c. 1770

The tone of this fine violin is colorful and warm with clarity and focus throughout its range.

ViolinLuigi Mozzani, Cento 1927
ViolinPaulus Pilat, Budapest c. 1892
ViolinMaurizio Tadioli, Cortetano-Cremona 2002, “Carrodus” del Gesu

A fine example from the hands of a noted Italian master maker. The player is instantly drawn to its rich, warm tone.

ViolinConcetto Puglisi, Catania 1923
ViolinMichelangelo Puglisi, Catania 1919

This beautiful instrument by Michelangelo Puglisi has a yellow-orange varnish and a two-piece back with medium to broad flame descending from the center. Its tone is brilliant and focused; it…

ViolinCharles J.B. Collin-Mezin, Paris 1892

A very good example of this maker’s work, this violin is in near mint condition and possesses a robust and rich tone. The original label is as follows: “Ch. J.B….

ViolinBenvenuto Botturi, Brescia 1967

This instrument, a rare late work by Botturi, is an example of his unique personal model. It has a brown-orange oil varnish and a two piece maple back with medium…

ViolinAntonio Lechi, Cremona 1921

A very lovely modern Italian violin. This instrument has a powerful, brilliant tone quality.

New Arrival
ViolinGianluca Zanetti, Cremona 2003
ViolinKarel Dvorak, Prague 1946

A fine example of Bohemian craftsmanship, this violin was artfully made and has been well maintained. This exceptional instrument possesses fine playing characteristics and tone quality.

ViolinLapo Vettori, Florence 2013

This instrument carries on the grand tradition of contemporary Italian violin making represented by the Vettori family. This violin has a strong and direct tone with abundant richness. The maker’s…

ViolinClaudio Testoni, Mantua 2007

This violin is modeled after Scarampella and featured on pages 144-147 of Jost Thöne’s book Contemporary Violin Makers.

ViolinRaymond Joseph Melanson, Rochester 2014
ViolinRaymond Melanson, Rochester, MA 2007

This violin was built and varnished in the early Italian tradition, with an orange brown varnish that is tastefully and lightly antiqued. It has a two piece maple back with…

New Arrival
ViolinFernando Solar Gonzalez, Madrid 1962

An exceptional violin from a notable Spanish master. Beautifully made and well maintained, this instrument has a fine, robust tone with clarity and focus.

ViolinGiuseppe Garotti, Venice 1970

This instrument is in the style of earlier Venetian makers and is signed on the interior by the maker. It has a sweet, clear, and focused sound that is also…

ViolinGerald Brobst, Alexandria 1968
ViolinRaffaello Stefanini, Bologna 2014
ViolinHristo Todorov, Cremona 2015
ViolinHristo Todorov, Cremona 2016
ViolinCh. J.B. Collin-Mezin, Paris 1903
New Arrival
ViolinJustin Maucotel, Mirecourt c. 1820

A bold, impressive sound characterizes this excellent French made violin from the early 19th century. The later scroll matches the character and color of the violin. This violin is currently…

New Arrival
ViolinBenjamin Phillips, Pittsburgh 1947
ViolinHristo Todorov Cremona 2016

Description coming soon.

ViolinGiustino dal Canto, Pisa 1946

Giustino dal Canto, born 1902 in Gemenos in southern France, moved to Italy at an early age. He set up his workshop in Pisa and produced fine violins, cellos, and…

ViolinPaul Serdet, Paris 1911

This violin demonstrates the excellent craftsmanship of this maker, producing an exhilarating dark tone. It feels animated and melodic in the upper register with vibrance and power throughout its range. …

New Arrival
ViolinJules Joseph Grandjon, Mirecourt, c. 1860
ViolinSabino Preti, Cremona 1987
ViolinAssunto Carloni, Forli 1994

Assunto Carloni is known for his excellent craftsmanship. He often bases his work on classic Italian models. This instrument is a Grand Pattern Amati. The varnish is a beautiful red…

ViolinSebastian Freymadl, Cremona 2007

This instrument clearly demonstrates Maestro Freymadl’s excellent craftsmanship. The varnish is a yellow orange color and the back is a two piece maple with medium flame. It has a robust,…

ViolinJacob Jan van de Geest, Johannesburg 1955

This maker’s excellent workmanship is clearly visible in this instrument. It was commissioned by its original owner as a copy of his G.F. Pressenda. The light yellow brown varnish is…

New Arrival
ViolinAlessandro Gambarin, Mantova 2020
ViolinGemünder “Art” Violin, New York 1895

The tone of this violin is overall smooth with richness and warmth in the lower register.

ViolinMarcello Bellei, Modena 2007

This violin is a very faithful reproduction of a 1923 Augusto Pollastri. The back is from a single piece of well-figured maple with matching sides and neck. The top is…

ViolinRaffaele Calace & Figlio, Naples c. 1930
New Arrival
ViolinErnst Heinrich Roth, Markneukirchen 1926, Guarneri 1732 model

Of the German makers from the early 20th century, Ernst Heinrich Roth was revered for the quality of workmanship, faithful attention to detail and for the careful selection of the…

ViolinDavid Rubio, Cambridge 2000 “The Vieuxtemps” del Gesu
New Arrival
ViolinErnst Heinrich Roth, Model IXR, 1925, Copy of Joseph Guarnerius

In the ranking of quality violins from the shop of Ernst Heinrich Roth, the model IXR was the best Guarneri del Gesu model a player could buy without having one…

ViolinDaniela Solca, Cremona 2012

A very attractive and well-made violin by this maker. The instrument is patterned after Guarneri del Gesu and the back is made from a single piece of handsomely flamed maple….

New Arrival
ViolinAmédée Diéudonné, Mirecourt 1932

A fine example representing the best in French violin making from the early 20th century. This instrument has a robust and brilliant tone quality.

ViolinRaymond Melanson, Boston 1994

A fine American violin by this rising maker. The instrument is based on a Guarneri del Gesu pattern and is lightly antiqued. The tone is robust and well focused.

ViolinAnton Knilling, Mittenwald 1768 (7/8 size)

This fine violin, made over 250 years ago, is in very good condition. It has a fine, full and rich tone with warmth and sweetness. An excellent violin for the…

New Arrival
ViolinMarios Pavlou & Anthony Ferguson, Newark on Trent 2019
ViolinFrench Workshop of Collin-Mezin c. 1890
ViolinPaul Hilaire, France 1958

Description in preparation.

ViolinVuillaume Workshop, Mirecourt c. 1850

This finely made and well maintained violin from the Vuillaume workshop has a broad, sweet tone.

New Arrival
ViolinThomas Hoyer, Bubenreuth, Model 200

A lovely, German made contemporary violin by Thomas Hoyer. This instrument possesses a deep, responsive and full bodied tone. An excellent violin for the advancing or professional musician.

ViolinAlberto Denti, Lodi 1986

This violin has a consistent golden varnish throughout the body and bears a even tone with sweetness in the upper registry and power in the lower end.

New Arrival
ViolinCharles J.B. Collin-Mezin III for Timtone U.S.A., Mirecourt, c. 1930
ViolinEnglish Violin c. 1900

This violin features fine workmanship and full arching. The tone is both warm and clear.

ViolinEzia di Labio, Bologna 2003

Ezia di Labio’s work follows the traditional style of the Bologna School, as evidenced by the broad arching and curved styling of this instrument. The violin has a one piece…

ViolinFabrizio Ragazzi, Sanremo 2006
ViolinGaetano Pucino, Naples 2004

We at Brobst Violin Shop are personally acquainted with Maestro Pucino and are proud to have this fine instrument in our collection. The violin is a Gagliano model with a…

ViolinPaul Bailly, Paris c. 1880 (1/2 Size)
ViolinMariano Militello, Rosario 1922

Branded “Mariano Militello / CALLE MAIPÚ 720 / ROSARIO”

ViolinMario Daoglio, Suzzara (Mantua) 1988

This instrument features a back and sides of striking quilted maple. The sound is clear, powerful, and rich with overtones.

ViolinJules Grandjon, Mirecourt c. 1880 (3/4 Size)
ViolinElisa Scrollavezza, Parma 1990

The influence of Renato Scrollavezza, Elisa’s father and prominent maker, is very clear in this instrument, particularly in its broad arching and confident styling. It has a brilliant and focused…

New Arrival
ViolinJames & John Simpson, London c. 1780
New Arrival
ViolinAlan Soto, Cremona 2000

A very lovely contemporary Italian violin. Finely crafted with a full, resonant tone.

ViolinErnst Heinrich Roth, Markneukirchen 1922

This Guarneri model violin reflects Roth’s excellent craftsmanship in all respects. The violin bears varnish of a rich red-brown color with an antiqued finish. The top is made from two…

ViolinGustave Villaume, Nancy 1934
ViolinJoseph Strossi, South Haven (Michigan) 1900
ViolinMarek Tomaszewski, Nowy Targ 2019
ViolinE.H. Roth Workshop, Markneukirchen c. 1910

This violin has a bold, clear and sweet tone. Finely made with select flamed maple and a two piece fine grained spruce top. Both aesthetically and tonally beautiful.

ViolinFederico Tresoldi, Cremona 1979

A beautifully made violin from a gifted modern Italian maker. This instrument has a full bodied, focused tone with warmth and sweetness.

ViolinAndrea Licari, Cremona 2017

Includes a certificate by the maker Licari.

ViolinThomas Hoyer, Bubenreuth 2014
ViolinScrollavezza and Zanre, Parma 2005 (3/4 Size)
ViolinFritz Arnold Brückner, Markneukirchen 1965

This Stradivari model is one of the best examples of craftsmanship from Markneukirchen during this period. The varnish is softly textured and is a rich red brown color. The instrument…

ViolinStaatliche Fachschule für Geigenbau, Mittenwald 1981

Exhibiting the best of the long tradition and craftsmanship of the Mittenwald school of violin making, this instrument possesses tonal brilliance and power that will enable the player to reach…

ViolinWm. G. Geary, London 1928
ViolinEckart Richter, Markneukirchen 1987

German violin making in its finest. A beautifully made instrument with fine playing qualities, this instrument is an ideal introduction to a professional level instrument for the advanced player.

ViolinJohn Juzek, Prague 1904

Fine craftsmanship and tonal beauty combine in this stunning example from the golden age of Bohemian violin making.

ViolinWerner Voigt, Markneukirchen 1967

A beautiful amber varnish highlights the well flamed maple two piece back. The exquisite modeling and attention to detail combine in this exceptional violin from one of Germany’s leading centers…

ViolinNicholas Vasich, Baltimore 1936

A classic example of American workmanship and style. Beautifully crafted with the maker’s name embossed on the back near the button.

ViolinLudwig Glaesel Workshop, Markneukirchen 1959

Artistry and fine craftsmanship combine in this lovely violin from one of Germany’s leading centers of violin making. This instrument possesses a full, vibrant tone characterized by sweetness and clarity….

ViolinWilhelm Dürrschmidt, Markneukirchen 1968

This violin by the Dürrschmidt firm is a Guarneri model with varnish of a soft orange-brown color that is shaded to an amber ground in several areas on the instrument….

ViolinRobert W. McCluskie, Potomac 2015 #400
ViolinHawkes & Son “The Concert Violin,” London 1908

An elegant example of the high quality workshop instruments that were made for and sold by the English firm of Hawkes & Son at the turn of the 20th century….

ViolinAubry Dugarde, Paris 1910
ViolinJosef Thier, Innsbruck 1860
ViolinEugene Holtier, Cleveland 2012
ViolinH. Emile Blondelet, Paris 1933

This instrument is an outstanding example from the maker’s workshop and is in very fine condition, possessing a rich tone with excellent clarity. The varnish is a beautiful golden brown….

ViolinPhilipp Imanuel Glaesel, Markneukirchen, 1934

A finely made and well maintained German violin from the hands of a very talented maker. This violin has a fine, warm tone with ample power and focus.

New Arrival
ViolinJérôme Thibouville-Lamy Workshop, “Geronimo Grandini” Mirecourt c. 1890
New Arrival
ViolinOtto Brückner Workshop, Markneukirschen c. 1930

A beautifully made example from one of the major German centers of violin making from the early 20th century. Artistically crafted and well maintained, the advancing player will find delight…

ViolinOswald Willmann, Prerov 1936
New Arrival
ViolinJohannes Kulik copy, Prague c. 1920

This stunning example from the golden age of Bohemian craftsmanship has a fine, robust tone. An ideal option for the advanced player looking to move into a professional level instrument….

ViolinMartin Nich, 1940

Signed by the maker on the inside of the top of the violin. This instrument possesses a clear, brilliant tone.

New Arrival
ViolinJohn Juzek workshop, Prague 1910
ViolinE. Langonet, Nantes 1940, 3/4 Size

Labeled “Fait par / E. Langonet / Luthier-Nantes-L’An 1940″. Length of body is 13-5/16”.

Violin“Dominicus Bussano” model, Markneukirchen c. 1930
New Arrival
ViolinErnst Heinrich Roth workshop, Markneukirchen 1956, Stradivari model

This violin from the Ernst Heinrich Roth workshop is an example of the continuation of the Markneukirchen tradition in post war Germany. Beautifully made with excellent tonal qualities.

New Arrival
ViolinNeuner & Hornsteiner, Mittenwald c. 1880

This is a characteristic example of the high level of craftsmanship of Mittenwald violin making from the late 19th century. This violin has been lovingly maintained and has a fine,…

New Arrival
ViolinE. Reinhold Schmidt, Markneukirchen c. 1900
ViolinGerman violin, Mittenwald c. 1890
ViolinNate Tabor, Vienna/La Coruña 2019
ViolinFritz Mönnig, Markneukirchen 1962

This well-made German violin has an expressive, colorful tone with plenty of power and projection. The beautiful amber varnish reveals an exquisite flame pattern on the back and displays the…

ViolinRainer Leonhardt, Mittenwald 2016, Guarneri model #95 Antik
New Arrival
ViolinV. Richelieu, Burlington VT, 2019

V. Richelieu violins are handmade in Burlington, Vermont for the aspiring professional player. The wood is Spruce toned wood and Bosnian Maple, expertly aged to create a durable and reliable…

New Arrival
ViolinV. Richelieu, Burlington VT, 2019

V. Richelieu violins are handmade in Burlington, Vermont for the aspiring professional player. The wood is Spruce toned wood and Bosnian Maple, expertly aged to create a durable and reliable…

New Arrival
ViolinGustav Ficker Workshop, Markneukirchen 1960, Gagliano model
New Arrival
ViolinJérôme Thibouville-Lamy Workshop, “Nicolas Duchene” model, Mirecourt c. 1880 (3/4 size)

A stunning beauty and an example of the highest level of quality workmanship from one of the leading French workshops of the period, this violin will delight the advancing player…

ViolinGerman, Markneukirchen c. 1920 (7/8 size)

A beautifully made example of German workmanship. For a violin of this size, it has a remarkably broad and clear, well focused tone.

ViolinCollin-Mezin Workshop, Mirecourt c. 1890 (7/8 Size)
ViolinGregory Rodgers, Alexandria 1976
ViolinWilliam Wilkanowski, Brooklyn 1927

This American violin has a brilliant, shiny finish and possesses a bright, colorful tone. With a projecting, well-rounded sound, this instrument makes a perfect upgrade violin for advancing players.

ViolinAubert Lutherie Atelier, “Série Limitée”, Mirecourt Anée 2000
ViolinFramus Workshop, Bubenreuth c. 1960
ViolinHermann Geipel, Marknuekirchen 1928

This violin holds a bright and sweet sound capable of nuanced expression. The tone is rich and warm, especially on the lower strings, and brilliant on the E. It is…

New Arrival
ViolinAmati Model, Markneukirchen c. 1930 (7/8 size)

A full, robust and brilliant tone characterize this beautifully made and well maintained violin from one of Germany’s leading centers of violin making.

ViolinWilliam Wilkanowski, Brooklyn c. 1940
New Arrival
ViolinKarl Höfner Bubenreuth 1979, Stradivarius Model

An excellent example of German workmanship and faithful modeling. This instrument is a fine option for the advancing player.

New Arrival
ViolinMing-Jiang Zhu Workshop, Guangzhou 2014
New Arrival
ViolinMing Jiang Zhu, Guangzhou model 6909A
ViolinFrench, Mirecourt c. 1880 (1/2 size)

A beautifully flamed back and sides complement this classic French made violin for the advancing young player.

ViolinDimitar Zarkov, Kazanlak 2002

From the hands of one of Bulgaria’s promising makers, this beautifully made violin has a clean, colorful and well focused tone with brilliance and sweetness across its strings.

ViolinHeinrich Theodore Heberlein Workshop, Markneukirchen 1902 (3/4 size)

A classic, vintage German violin for the young, advancing player.

ViolinRoderich Paesold, Bubenreuth 1999

Recently set up in our shop, this Paesold 811 model violin is an excellent German violin for advancing players.

ViolinEric Caldwell, Washington D.C. 2016 (3/4 Size)

This violin was made employing the same high degree of fine workmanship and attention to detail that are found in Caldwell’s adult sized instruments. A fine option for the young,…

ViolinEric Caldwell, Washington D.C. 2016 (3/4 Size)
New Arrival
ViolinBaroque, Klingenthal c. 1880
ViolinGerman Child’s Violin, Mittenwald c. 1875 (1/2 size)
ViolinJérôme Thibouville-Lamy Workshop, Mirecourt c. 1890 (3/4 Size)

An excellent violin for the serious young musician.

ViolinJérôme Thibouville-Lamy Workshop, Mirecourt c. 1900 (1/2 size)

Solid craftsmanship, construction and faithful representation of modeling define this classic example of French violin making from the turn of the 20th century. A beautiful violin for the advancing young…

ViolinGerman c. 1890
ViolinMing-Jiang Zhu Workshop Model 200, Guangzhou 2015

This violin from the Ming-Jiang Zhu Workshop is an excellent choice for advancing players. It has a rich, powerful tone that projects well with extra depth in the lower register….

ViolinJérôme Thibouville-Lamy Workshop, Mirecourt c. 1930 “Geronimo Grandini” Label


ViolinEric Caldwell, Washington D.C. 2016 (1/2 size)

This violin was made employing the same high degree of fine workmanship and attention to detail that are found in Caldwell’s adult sized instruments. A fine option for the young,…

ViolinKarl Höfner Workshop, Bubenreuth 1980, Lorenzo Guadagnini Model

A very nice, German made violin from the Karl Höfner workshop. Clean, precise workmanship with a fine, full sound.

ViolinJérôme Thibouville-Lamy Workshop, Mirecourt c. 1900 (3/4 size)

A classic example of quality violin making from one of the leading centers in France. For the advancing student player, not yet ready for a full sized violin, this instrument…

New Arrival
ViolinQuisheng Zhao Beijing 2019
ViolinJérôme Thibouville-Lamy Workshop, Mirecourt, c. 1900 (1/2 size)

An example of the best representation of French workshop craftsmanship of the early 20th century. Tradition and tonal beauty all included.

New Arrival
ViolinAmati Model, Germany c. 1920

A good, German made violin for the advancing player. The instrument has a reliably responsive sound with good tonal qualities. The violin is currently in good condition showing some well…

ViolinGerman labeled “Antonio Curatoli”, 1913 (3/4 size)

For the young musician looking to advance to higher levels of playing, this instrument would be an ideal partner to further his/her development. Professionally shop adjusted to produce the highest…

New Arrival
ViolinClement and Weise, Bubenreuth 2001
ViolinFrench, Mirecourt c. 1930

The tone of this French violin is warm and rich, with a clarity that makes it easy to play.

ViolinMarc Laberte Workshop, Mirecourt c. 1920
ViolinGerman, Dresden c. 1930
New Arrival
ViolinJohn Juzek workshop, Prague c. 1920 (1/4 size)

A lovely and attractive violin for the young, advancing player. This violin possesses a fine, broad sound for its size.

ViolinGerman c. 1920 “Joh. Bapt. Schweitzer”
ViolinClement & Weise, Bubenreuth 2006, Model 120

Instruments by Clement & Weise of Germany are rapidly becoming the standard of excellence for tone production and quality among contemporary makers. They are based on classic Strad and Guarneri…

ViolinGerman c. 1920 3/4 size

Artistically made for the young, developing musician. This violin possesses fine tonal qualities.

ViolinNeuner & Hornsteiner Workshop, Mittenwald c. 1890 (3/4 Size)

This instrument is an excellent option for the young, advancing player looking for a well seasoned tone. Well crafted from one of Germany’s leading centers of violin making.

ViolinJohann Albrecht, Bavaria 2016 #202a

Images of this instrument are typical of this model.

ViolinGerman, Mittenwald c. 1890 (1/8 size)

A rare find for the very young player who is quickly advancing in technique and musicianship. This violin will enable the emerging artist to reach new heights.

ViolinJérôme Thibouville-Lamy Workshop, Mirecourt c. 1920 (3/4 size)
ViolinJérôme Thibouville-Lamy Workshop, Mirecourt c. 1900 (3/4 Size)

Despite its size, this violin delivers a full and powerful sound while retaining sweetness and clarity throughout its range. Young players or violinists seeking a smaller instrument will appreciate the…

ViolinHeinrich Gill Workshop, Bubenreuth 2016
ViolinAnton Schroetter Workshop, Germany c.1960 (3/4 size)
New Arrival
ViolinKarl Höfner Workshop, Model #208 Bubenreuth 1979

Classical modeling and good German craftsmanship combine in this well made violin. An ideal partner for the advancing violinist.

New Arrival
ViolinAmati Model, Germany c. 1920 (1/4 size)

A very good German made violin for the young, advancing musician.

ViolinDecorated Violin Model HB02

This violin bears an attractive purfling with an intricate mother-of-pearl inlay, accompanying a deep red, antiqued varnish. Similar in sound to the Dario Giovanni Model Violin, this violin holds great…

ViolinVitto Rossi Model, Los Angeles 2017

The Vitto Rossi Model violin is an excellent sounding instrument reminiscent of classic design and varnishing technique. With its amber-brown varnish and boxwood pegs, tailpiece, and chinrest, this model offers…

ViolinDario Giovanni European Tonewood Model, Los Angeles 2017

Handcrafted Violin The Dario Giovanni model violin is a well-made handcrafted instrument designed with quality materials and impressive sound in mind. Made with European tonewood and attractively varnished, this violin…

ViolinAndreas Eastman Model 605 (3/4 size)

An excellent option for the advancing young player.

ViolinSofia “Amadeus” Model, Christo Nikolov, Sofia 2003

Designed for the advancing player looking for a high quality, European made violin with a very good sound at a great price.

New Arrival
ViolinKarl Höfner Workshop, Bubenreuth 1981, Guarneri Model #200

A fine example of German workshop craftsmanship along with careful attention to detail characterize this well made violin from the Karl Höfner workshop.

ViolinGerman “Conservatory” model c. 1920 (1/2 size)

A German made violin of good quality for the advancing young player. Well made and well maintained, this instrument affords the player ample sound quality.

ViolinGerman “Michael Deconet” label, c. 1950 (3/4 size)
Violin“Giuseppe Renaldi” model Vecchio, 2007

This violin has an antiqued finish and excellent tonal qualities for the advancing musician.

New Arrival
ViolinJérôme Thibouville-Lamy Workshop, Mirecourt c. 1920 (1/4 size)

For the young advancing player seeking the instrument to enable the budding musician to reach greater heights.

New Arrival
ViolinAndrei Roma model, Kazanlak 2020

An artistically conceived example from one of eastern Europe’s most important centers of violin making, this exceptional instrument will delight the player with both its fine workmanship and stunning, tonal…

ViolinCarl De Luca Model, Los Angeles 2018

Made from European tone wood and bearing an antiqued red-brown varnish, this violin is a high-quality, well-made instrument. The tone is rich with warmth and depth throughout its range, also…

ViolinCarl De Luca Model, Los Angeles 2019
New Arrival
ViolinJ.B. Emilescu, Reghin 2000
ViolinJérôme Thibouville-Lamy Workshop, Mirecourt c.1920 (1/2 size)

Beautifully made from an important center of French violin making, this violin will take the young, advancing player to new heights.

ViolinSofia “Amadeus” Model, 1993 (1/2 size)

Eastern European craftsmanship and tonal beauty combine to make this an excellent instrument for the advancing young player.

ViolinGerman, “J.B. Ceruti” label c. 1960 (3/4 size)
Violin“Sandro Luciano” Model

The Sandro Luciano model violin is a high-quality handmade instrument featuring an attractive golden-amber and reddish-brown varnish, a superb tone, and our full shop adjustment with our hand-fit soundpost and…

New Arrival
ViolinNippon, c. 1920

This is a fine example of early 20th century Japanese workshop quality at its best. Great value and excellent tonal qualities characterize this well made and well maintained violin. A…

ViolinKarl Höfner Workshop, Bubenreuth 1992 (1/2 size)
ViolinJérôme Thibouville-Lamy Workshop, Mirecourt c. 1920 (3/4 size)
New Arrival
ViolinJakob Stainer copy, Saxony c. 1920

An excellent option for the player looking for a good, vintage violin priced under $2,000.

ViolinGiuseppe Renaldi “Vintage” Model

Exceptional Performance at an Affordable Price Our Giuseppe Renaldi “Vintage” violin is an affordable handmade instrument for the advancing player and is our most popular upgrade violin. These instruments are…

New Arrival
ViolinVasile Gliga Workshop, Reghin 2015
New Arrival
ViolinStradivari Model Beijing c. 2015

A good, contemporary representation of the modeling and craftsmanship inspired by Antonio Stradivari, This instrument is an excellent value for the advancing player looking for a full bodied, rich tone…

ViolinJosef Bittner Model 150, Prague 2018

A well-made European instrument, the Josef Bittner model is a popular violin among students and advancing players looking to take their sound to the next level. The violin offers a…

New Arrival
Violin“Konstantin Brava” model, Reghin 2020

Crafted in eastern Europe from a region well known for their exceptional tone wood, this is a fine example of the quality, tradition and workmanship from some of the best…

ViolinKarl Höfner, Bübenreuth 2019

A classic, German made example among the best in their tradition of high quality workmanship, design and modeling from one of the finest workshops in operation today. Possessing a full,…

New Arrival
ViolinPeter Kauffman Model, Los Angeles 2018 (7/8 size)

An exceptional example of how a slightly smaller violin can possess full, rich tonal characteristics that are well above its price.

ViolinPeter Kauffman Model

An example of first-rate modeling and workmanship, this violin possesses a truly fine tone equal to many instruments in a higher price category. The outfit is priced to include a…

ViolinAndreas Eastman model 305, 2017

This is a finely made violin from the Eastman Company. Eastman uses high quality spruce and maple wood for a durable instrument with a good tone. Their instruments are crafted…

Violin“Francesco Renaldi” model, 2003 (1/2 size)

Beautifully made with fine, tonal characteristics to match. This is the ideal violin for the advancing young player who is beginning to study the masterpieces of Classical music.

ViolinSnow Workshop, Model SV200, Beijing 2009

This beautiful handmade, 4/4 sized violin is ideal for the advancing player who is looking for an instrument possessing a full bodied, colorful tone. The outfit is priced with a…

New Arrival
ViolinNico Chen “Orchestra” model Violin Outfit

The outfit includes a light weight, oblong case and a wood, horsehair bow.

New Arrival
ViolinKarl Höfner Workshop, Bubenreuth 1994, 5-String

A lovely, German made 5 string violin/viola.

ViolinGiuseppe Renaldi (1/4 size)

A lovely 1/4 sized violin for the young, advancing player. This violin possesses a tone quality that will grow with the player.

ViolinThe Symphony Model Outfit

Our Symphony model violin is the perfect entry-level instrument for students and new players alike. Fully shop adjusted by our experts, this violin provides a rich, clear sound with a…

New Arrival
ViolinReverb GCV Cannzona model, 2012

A violin by the Guangzhou Cremona Violin Company, perfect for the advancing middle or high school student.

New Arrival
ViolinOtto violin 2019

4/4 Sized violin for the beginning Maestro. Price includes a dart style, light weight case with a black fiberglass horsehair bow.

New Arrival
ViolinKarl Höfner Workshop, H5G

Designed by German master builders from the Karl Hofner workshop in Bubenreuth, Germany, this 4/4 violin is geared for the beginning player looking for a good sounding, well adjusted instrument…

ViolinFlorea Precub, Reghin 1985