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CelloLouis Guersan (label), Paris c. 1760, 7/8 size

A fine French cello made circa 1760, bearing a label that reads “Ludovicus Guersan prope Comoediam Gallicam Lutetioe anno 1760”. The back is made from two pieces of maple with…

CelloReinhold Schnabl Model #695, Bubenreuth 1984

Here is an exceptional cello from Germany. This instrument has a bold, powerful tone with good color and focus. The cello features a beautiful red-orange varnish over an amber ground…

CelloMittenwald 1963, (for the Pearce Music Company, Salt Lake City)
CelloJérôme Thibouville-Lamy Workshop, Mirecourt c. 1890
CelloY. Chen Z-2600 Strad Model, Cleveland 2015
CelloClement & Weise Model 340, Bubenreuth 2003

Description in preparation.

CelloThomas Hoyer Werkstatt, Bubenreuth 2018 (7/8 size)
Cello“Sergio Vespa” Model, Beijing 2019
CelloYanbing Chen Workshop, Gofriller Model, 2013 (7/8 Size)
CelloMing-Jiang Zhu Workshop Model 200, Guangzhou 2016
CelloCaressa & Francais Label, c. 1986

Description in preparation.

CelloErich Werner, Bubenreuth 1986

Here is a very lovely German made cello. The player will experience a tone that almost jumps out of the instrument with an ease and responsiveness unlike many others in…

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