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CelloRaphael Le Cointe, Cremona 2004

A fine contemporary cello from the shop of Mathijs Heyligers. This instrument, a Montagnana model, was built under the strict supervision of Mr. Heyligers. It has a warm, rich, and…

CelloH. Emile Blondelet, Workshop of Thibouville-Lamy, Mirecourt 1912
CelloGabriel Pralea, Ferrara 2013

This is a fine contemporary Italian cello possessing a rich and powerful tone. The label reads as follows: “Gabriel Pralea / fece in Ferrara / nell’ Anno 2013” signed by…

CelloFrench Diéudonné Workshop c. 1930

Labeled “Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis / Faciebat Anno 1707”. This instrument is made by one of the leading French workshops of the mid 20th century. It possesses a fine, robust tone…

CelloEugene Holtier, Cleveland 2019
CelloMartin Erician, Piacenza 1961

The maker’s brands can be seen in the interior on the top, back, neck block, and bass bar.

CelloFabrizio Ragazzi, Sanremo 2009

Fabrizio Ragazzi is a professional violinist, violist, and maker who imparts his excellent sense of tone quality into each instrument he produces. Ragazzi’s work is inspired by famous Italian makers…

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CelloMarco Pedrini, Cremona 2003, in the workshop of Giorgio Grisales, Stradivari model
CelloKurt Moennig, Hamburg c. 1940 (for Wm. Moennig & Son)
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CelloGerman, made c. 1880

An excellent German made cello, showing the fine workmanship and artistry of a highly skilled maker.  The well flamed maple back, ribs, scroll and narrow-medium grained spruce top are covered…

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CelloE. Reinholdt Schmidt Workshop, Markneukirchen c. 1900
CelloMarco Pedrini, Cremona 2003

Marco Pedrini was born in Codogno in 1983. His interest in music and wood-working as a child led him to study at the International School of Violinmaking in Cremona at…

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