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CelloCharles Maucotel, London 1855

Built on a handsome Stradivari model, this cello matches elegance with power in visual and tonal beauty. The select maple of the back, sides and scroll is highly-flamed. The spruce…

CelloPaolo Vettori, Florence 2017

A fine Italian cello by Paolo Vettori.

CelloPaolo Vettori, Florence 2017 – J.B. Guadagnini Model

Modeled after a J.B. Guadagnini, Milan 1757 cello. Includes the maker’s certificate.

CelloPaolo Vettori, Florence 2018, Guadagnini model
CelloAlexander Williams, Tough, Aberdeenshire, c. 1870, the “ex-Karim Wasfi”

This very fine cello by the Scottish maker Alexander Williams, has been the treasured companion of world-renowned cellist, conductor, humanitarian and philathropist, Karim Wasfi for the better part of a…

CelloEnglish Cello, London c. 1760

A fine example of English craftsmanship from the 18th century. This well maintained instrument has a fine, robust tone that is both well focused and warm.

CelloEnglish (school of Jos. Hill), London c. 1770
CelloRené Jacquemin, Mirecourt 1933
CelloWilhelm Theodor Gutermann, Vienna 1862
CelloHristo Todorov, Cremona 2019
New Arrival
CelloMarco Nolli, Cremona 2004; modello Ettore Soffritti 1921 “personalizzato”

This cello possesses a rich, dark tone with exceptional power. To be sold with the maker’s photo certificate.

New Arrival
CelloAlfonse van Hoof, Antwerp 1911
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