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CelloStefano Scarampella, Mantua circa 1915
CelloVincenzo Postiglione, Naples c. 1880

Renowned as one of the leading Italian violinmakers of the 19th and early 20th centuries, Postiglione’s work is one of great creativity and productivity. Highly-skilled as a maker of new…

CelloRomeo Antoniazzi, Milan c. 1885

This cello is a very fine example of Romeo’s early work while under the guidance of his father Gaetano in his Milan workshop. The instrument bears its original label and…

CelloOreste Martini, Mantua c. 1940

This cello is a very fine example of early 20th century work from the Mantuan school. As many makers were emulating, if not copying the work of Scarampella, this instrument…

CelloMarengo Romano-Rinaldi, Turin 1900

Marengo Romano-Rinaldi was born in 1866 in Alba, and died 1926 in Turin Italy. He trained as a woodcarver and was a pupil of Enrico Marchetti in Turin. A businessman…

CelloT. Dodd, Covent Garden
CelloCaressa & Francais, Paris 1909

This cello was made for the Paris Conservatory and was given to the top student, Anna Nehr, in 1911. There is a beautiful gilt inscription on the back of the…

CelloCarlo de March, Venice 1966
CelloAndrea Castagneri, Paris 1738
CelloCharles Maucotel, London 1855

Built on a handsome Stradivari model, this cello matches elegance with power in visual and tonal beauty. The select maple of the back, sides and scroll is highly-flamed. The spruce…

CelloFrancesco Toto, Cremona 2004

A magnificent example of this well-known maker’s work. The cello is exceptionally beautiful both in conception and workmanship. Its tone is complex and powerful and suitable for the most discriminating…

CelloPaolo Vettori, Florence 2017 – J.B. Guadagnini Model

Modeled after a J.B. Guadagnini, Milan 1757 cello. Includes the maker’s certificate.

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